Harmony Piano Tuning: Prices & Charges
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*Piano Tuning & Servicing: $180  (about 90 minutes)    Includes:

       - Fine tuning of Piano (to concert pitch; A440, or other specified pitch if required)

       - PLEASE NOTE: Pianolas (player pianos) and overdamper pianos will attract an extra charge of $10

Pitch Raise Piano Tuning: $220  (about 2.5 - 3hrs)     Includes:

       - A quick tuning to bring the pitch up to the correct level

       - Fine tuning of Piano (to concert pitch; A440)

Basic Cleaning: $30

      - A quick dusting of the action, keybed, and vacuuming of the action, under the keys, and down around the bottom of the piano and the pedals (grands will differ slightly from uprights, of course!)


Thorough cleaning of Piano: $120
     - A complete cleaning of all those difficult-to-reach areas within the action, behind the bridges, and under the keys!

Piano Repairs: Assessed & quoted at the time (See note 2 below)

Travel Charge: Distances of over 50 km may attract a travel charge, depending upon distance and other circumstances.

Piano Inspection: $50.00

Piano Information Session (1-1½ hrs) - $20.00 per person (Min. numbers 4)

      - Additional familiy members $10; max. charge per familiy $40

      - Hosting person free (perhaps a lovely hot cuppa at the end!)

      Session includes:

      - How a piano works, what happens when you strike the keys, how the pedals and dampers work, and so on.

      - The benefits of regular servicing (tuning, regulating, etc)

        - What to look for in purchasing a second-hand piano.

         For more details, CLICK THIS LINK!

Best Method of Payment: Cash, cheque, or direct bank transfer (internet or local bank) is all fine! Sorry, no eftpos.


1. Prices schedules will be followed as closely as is reasonably possible. However, prices may depend upon factors relevant to the piano’s condition. See note below concerning repairs. Every effort will be made to inform you of any factors which may impact upon prices.

2. Extent of repairs and regulation may entail further work and cost: eg 1 string replacement and re-gluing a broken key-top would come within the overall  

        charge. However, replacing six strings and gluing ten key-tops would be a different matter. If such repairs are needed, this will be discussed with you before 

        any work  commences.

3. Piano inspection price may be incorporated into any future work, such as tuning, repairs or regulating.

4. Some of these charges may be impacted by travel.