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This piano has been extensively renovated.

The result is a very attractive piano (see pics) with a lovely tone and an even touch.

Piano has also been regulated and tuned to concert pitch (A440)


Price includes:

   Adjustable stool

   Pedal board (upright pedals are usually too high)

   A free tuning (probably some weeks after delivery.

   We can discuss a time to suit you)

Renovations Include:

   New bass strings

   New hammers

   Re-felting of dampers

   Replacement of bridge felts

   New hammer butt springs

   New bridle tapes

   Complete sanding and re-varnishing of outer case

   New balance rail and front rail punchings

   New hammer butt felts

   New hammer butt cushions

Other new felt and cloths include:

   New backrail cloth, new hammer rail cloth and felt, as well as new key-slip rail cloth.


Just about any felt or action parts which were worn or missing have been replaced with new ones.

Other repairs include: tightening of a new tuning pins (most pins fairly tight) & replacement of a few treble strings.

Interested? Contact Chris on 0476 428 052 and we can arrange an inspection.

Moving the piano:

Cost of moving not included (sorry!).

I would strongly recommend that you contact a piano specialist for this.

I can provide the names of piano movers if you need.